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Your Food Influences You

Yes, you read it right! Your food does Influence you. And thus we take care of it, while serving you! You might have tried variety of pizzas with various ingridients, but we bet you haven't tried a special ingridient in it, i.e Love :-) that too Indian love of serving & feeding our guests. You know that we all Indians love to serve & feed our guests. Yes, we love serving people & are doing this since 2016. But no, we don't want to you try our pizzas coz we love our passion or we are Indians making an Italian dish, but, we wish you to try our pizzas coz mmuuaahhh! you will love its taste! These are not our words but the replies we are getting since 2016 from our guests! So give it a try & feedback as well! Come let's make the food better, because; Your Food Influences You!!!

Why we are herehere

Everyone loves traveling & visiting new places but Vegetarians have to think thrice before going any new place! Ya, that's because of Food! Solution Fannito Pizza! Our mission is to change this scenario with every Veggie & every Indian as well! You will never face any issue with food wherever you go when Fannito Pizza will open its outlets everywhere in the world! Never compromise with quality of your food, because Your Food Influences You.